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  • In AWE, I found a group of women who have no vested interests. They are candid, and are willing to ask the tough questions, challenge my thinking, and propose alternatives based on their own experiences. Elise provides structure to our conversations, and draws out the genius in each person as we tackle different themes, and discuss individual challenges.– Roberta Sydney, President, Sydney Associates, Inc.

  • Working with Elise is a comfort to me because I need someone who sees what my challenges are, understands them and becomes my partner. As the CEO, Founder and Owner, everyone who works for me in the US and Europe relies on me to have the answers. In Elise, I have someone with answers. She doesn’t just consult, she actually comes up with the solutions.– Jenny Ljungberg, Founder, CEO & Owner, Care of Hotels

  • Leading an early-stage company requires spending as much time assessing our direction as does the actual execution involved in achieving milestones. Until I was invited to join AWE, much of this thinking was done independently. Through Elise's excellent facilitation and the presence of women with relevant entrepreneurial experiences, I left the weekend with actionable advice on my most pressing business challenges. I was energized! I highly recommend AWE to others.– Sarah Biller, Principal, Capital Market Exchange

  • The retreat was extremely well-designed and amazingly tailored for my current situation in life. The participants – all amazing women – were a joy to work with and get to know. Elise and everyone provided insights that were very useful. Hearing objective feedback is rare and I appreciated the opportunity to receive it. Elise is truly a pro. Her ability to understand all of our unique challenges and to offer productive counsel is a priceless skill.– Miranda Magagnini, Founder and former CEO, IceStone, Global Advisory Board of The Fetzer Institute and Fellow of The Aspen Institute

  • The ability to pull 6 “A” types together, facilitate and manage us and also have the end results be this deep level of connection was amazing. Elise effortlessly puts her ego aside and helps us do the same – an incredible accomplishment. As well, the detail and touch points Elise incorporated to lead us down the path was AWE-inspiring. Outstanding. Bravo.– Victoria Nessen Kohlasch, President and Owner, Nessen Kohlasch & Associates, Boston

  • Owning a company for the past twenty one years as I have, often you feel really alone at the top so AWE gives me an opportunity to get together with other female leaders with an incredible facilitator in Elise to brainstorm, to share business stories, case studies and to really be in strategy. And, it also is about having a good time. For me it’s the balancing act of owning a company, having four children and a husband, but also finding that personal time to be with other women.– Kip Hollister, Founder and CEO, Hollister Staffing, Boston

  • I made this investment in myself because I was at a point in my life where I wanted to reach a new level. Most of the networking forums you find out there are either too large and unwieldy or unfocused. Elise is bringing together all the pieces that were missing from all of those organizations -- and that is thought leadership on timely and relevant topics, themes that I can use in my everyday work world, business strategy, how to face down political issues, all of the things that we might face on a day to day basis. But doing it in an intimate environment, with a smaller group of women who are ready and willing to dig into these topics together– Kimberly Hicks, Chief Administrative Officer, International Securities Exchange, NYC

  • I am so excited that AWE is launching in Chicago. After being a stay at home mom for twenty years or more, and just working here and there I am now ready to take a leap as a first time entrepreneur. I know there are lots of women in Chicago like me- women that have great ideas, and they have access to funding, but we need strategic advice on how to get started on our businesses, so I think awe is really going to help us bring our concepts to the marketplace and I really cant wait to get started– Marcia Moore, AWE Chicago

  • I’d say my favorite part about the AWE experience is that I realize no one else was going to do that for me. I am in an entrepreneurial environment. I am not supported by teams of people to help me accomplish my goals, and yet the stakes are higher…. The help beyond your organization is often the most valuable because it is objective. There is collective wisdom -- so for me the ROI was simple. With AWE, the tools, the tactics, the relationships and the investment in myself were actually hard earned– Heather Coughlin, CEO, ISIS Parenting, Boston